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Are we a mainstream media mouthpiece? Or CIA-funded propaganda? You can’t trust anyone these days, right? In reality, we’re just good-humoured South Africans in search of the truth, but producing good content costs money.

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While we accept funding from institutional donors and the general public, the Politically Aweh team maintains full editorial control. We adhere to the precept of good journalism, including freedom from bias, truthfulness, and accuracy in all our work. Where we partner with organisations for specific campaigns, our missions and values must align, and we publicly declare each of our partnerships.

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Serious news can be funny—we’re living proof. But not everybody knows it yet.

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Spread Aweh-ness

Serious news can be funny—we’re living proof.
But not everybody knows it yet.

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Our Impact

How we got power to respond to our parody of government fossil fuel addiction

In September 2021, Politically Aweh partnered with the Climate Justice Coalition and 350Africa.org to produce a satirical video taking aim at the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy’s love of fossil fuels.

How we broke new ground in local climate change communication

Politically Aweh partnered with a civil society organisation to raise awareness about the threat of climate change. The collaboration resulted in a 3 part explainer video series and a roundtable discussion shot in front of a live studio audience which was broadcast locally and featured on ITV News in the UK.

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