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South Africa's Apartheid Link To The Israel Palestine Conflict | Politically Aweh Podcast
The South African connection with the Palestinian struggle for self-determination is entwined with our history of apartheid.
February 17, 2024

In our first companion podcast episode to our deep dive into the South African case at the ICJ against Israel for genocide in Palestine, we chat to a variety of experts and ordinary South African citizens:Zeenat Adam is the Deputy Executive Director at the The Afro-Middle East Centre, and a recognised expert on the conflict in Palestine, having been published in academia and the media. Jamie Rosengarten spoke to us on behalf of South African Jews for a Free Palestine. Dr Vanessa Farr is a senior research fellow at (Sheffield-Hallam University) with decades of experience researching conflict and has spent years living in Palestine, where she worked as a Social Development and Gender Advisor at the UNDP’s Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian People. We also spoke to some Palestinian supporters outside parliament on the streets of Cape Town.